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New School Building Started!

Victory! We completed the foundation for our new school building and have identified a company that will build it. The significance of completing the new school building is HUGE. We will be able to accommodate more than double the number of students we now have. We plan to start after-school programs such as music, art, sports. We will have a library and playground eventually which is very significant and rare. And we will have room to hold adult classes.
We now have 112 children coming to classes but do not have enough space to seat all of them. It is literally standing room only, but still they come! We are still struggling to raise the remainder of funds needed to complete our new school building, but we are getting there. Our aim is to give these children every opportunity to succeed in life. The new building will be instrumental in making these dreams a reality. 
In January a team from Wesley UMC is coming to replace the tin roof of our current building, which is riddled with holes, and rebuild our kitchen which was destroyed during the earthquake. We will continue to use the old building for group activities and community meetings.