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We are Collecting Funds For:

School Construction is underway. We have raised the majority of the money needed to erect the building but are in need of windows, doors, shelving, closets, walkways, shrubbery, playground, furniture and interior and exterior finishing work. Basically all the things needed to run an efficient school. This donation will have an impact on our student body and faculty for many years to come.

Sponsorship. A number of students in our school (and several who are too old to attend) need help to finance their education. Though we keep our prices extremely low and subsidize most of the education, it is still impossible for some families to afford. These children desperately need your help. Money will be applied to the students in greatest need.

Student Hot Lunch Program. This is our most practical and needed program. For only $12.00 per month you can insure that a child will receive a hot meal each school day. This simple provision has made a huge difference in the well-being of our students. For some, this is their only nutritious meal of the day. $120 sponsors a child for the entire school year! Select the length of support and the number of children you would like to feed. Bon Appetite!

General Needs Donation

 There are a wide variety of ways that your donations are used. From helping to pay teachers salaries and buy school supplies to purchasing materials for building and maintaining school facilities, your general needs donation is used where it is most needed.  


Matching Funds

Many companies will match charitable giving. Check with your Human Resources Dept. to see if they have such a program in place.


Wish List

- Playground Equipment

- Sports Equipment

- Blackboards

- Children’s books in French or Haitian Creole ONLY

LUNCH PROGRAM - Length of Support (One Child)

Length of Support

The monies you donate are used to facilitate the project(s) you designate. However, in the event that we raise all the funds needed for a particular project and have a surplus, we reserve the right to redirect funds to be used where most needed.

  100% of your donations go to Haiti

Thank you for donating to Children In Need Haitian Project. We appreciate the the trust that you place in CINHP to use your donations wisely and effectively. Since there are no paid staff workers managing CINHP and the administrative materials are donated, the resources you donate go directly to the children, families and communities of Haiti. Thank You! You may also send a check to: Children In Need Haitian Project, PO Box 604846, Bayside, NY 11360. All Gifts are Tax Deductible. CINHP is a 501(C)3 Charitable Organization.