Serving the future of Haiti

About Children In Need Haitian Project


Children In Need Haitian Project was birthed out of love for the Haitian people and in response to their poverty.  Poverty, in essence, is a lack of opportunity. When communities lack the most basic necessities, they can fall into apathy and despair. To quote Wess Stafford, “poverty and abuse whisper the same destructive message into the heart of a child: ‘Give up. Nobody cares. You don’t matter.’” Motivated by God’s love, Children In Need Haitian Project exists to improve the lives of Haitian children and their families.


Our mission is to bring hope and relief to impoverished Haitian families by working with local Pastors and Community Leaders to provide:

»         Christian Education and School Meals for children

»         Basic Healthcare and Health Education

»         Literacy Classes and Job Training programs for adults

»         Assistance with Community Development projects


Our first undertaking was to reopen a school in a rural area, high in the mountains above the capital of Port-au-Prince, called L'Espinasse. Today, our school, which opened in 2005, includes a Nursery, Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st thru 5th Grades. Currently, there are 112 students enrolled.


We purchased the land on which the old school is located and dug the foundation for a spacious new 6 room school. For 2012 our goals are to:

»         Erect the new building which will accommodate twice students we now have.

»         Install a kitchen to facilitate our hot lunch program.

»         Begin after school programs such as music, art, sports.

»         Begin adult literacy and basic business education for adults.

»         Establish an on-site medical clinic